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For the people living in far flung areas in West Bengal and other states of India, Correspondence Course of diploma level is conducted, duration being 6 months. Study materials are provided to the student who can attend classes from time to time for doubt clearance. At Ph. D level research is conducted under guidance of astrology wizard Mr. Gopal Bhattacharjee, Director and Principal of the Institute. After achieving Ph.

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D the astrologer will have free access to the digital journal of the institute to contribute articles on advanced astrology. He will also get opportunity for chamber practice. A brief history of Astrology and preliminary idea about various branches of astrology. Twelve signs of Zodiac, implication of their symbol classification and characteristic features.

Nine Planets - Their significance, Bhavawise significance, Signwise classification as friend, enemy, neutral, exhalted, debilitated etc. Nakshatras - Their locations, lords and span. Yogas - Effects of benefic and malefic yogas. Astroyogavidya astrologer - 10 km from Ballygunge Pailanhat. He has been teaching Jyotish , Yoga and Tantra since Gold Medalist.


Indian Astrology astrologer - I work with clients dealing with personal and professional problems and give them easy remedies which can be done with low cost and high effectiveness. Prakash Narasimhan has been into Astro consultation for nearly a decade offering Career guidance, Marital Solutions, Business Issues, Employee Selection, Health remedies and predict your financial freedom based on Vedic Astro solutions.

Astrofaith astrologer - 3. Astro Bireswar Chakraborty is a popular and one of the best astrologers in Indian astrology columnist.

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He is a Gold medalist in Astrology from Mumbai. He is specialist in traditional Astrology and Palmistry with 16 years of experience. Sri Raghavendra Jyothishalayam astrologer - Any nature of problems will be solved in a stipulated time based on person to person prediction.

The remedies do not bring about success directly but they just help overcome the obstacles and difficult situations. Remedies cannot substitute the efforts that are mandatory to achieve the goals. However even today there is no shortage of genuine Vedic pundits who still do the poojas and homas as per the authentic Vedic tradition.

I am pleased to inform you that due to repeated requests by my clients for online pooja order facility, I have put together a team of genuine traditional south-Indian Vedic purohits who can perform the poojas sincerely as prescribed in the scriptures. You can read the order pooja online features and options. Venus Astrology astrologer - Senthilkumar, Traditional Vedic Astrologer has more than a decade of experience providing detailed accurate predictions as it is in Horoscope.

We also provide remedial measures to overcome the malefic planetary influences. Kamalashwanidwivedi astrologer - We welfare of all the people of the world by Indian astrology Want to Show more. Debnath Shashtri astrologer - 3. Yoginijyotish astrologer - km from Ballygunge Dehradun. Problems could be anything, ranging from miseries — financial, personal, familial etc.

The problems could be physical, mental or even metaphorical. All solutions can be cured by Yogini Jyotish remedies. Bindu Engineering Solution astrologer - We offer state-of-the-art technology, Experienced Professionals , competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

Parashar Astro Consultancy astrologer - km from Ballygunge Dehradun. Working as an Astrologer consultant for last 10 years Online Vastu Shastra astrologer - He is immensely popular among a various sections of the society and has number of followers in all nooks and corners of the country. As a child Pawan Sinhaji was very bright child and had inclination towards spirituality. It is said that he left his home in search of God at the very tender age of eight. He lived away from his family for a period of time, but to complete his education and shoulder his family responsibilities, he returned.

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Katyayan Astrology astrologer - km from Ballygunge Gorakhpur. Future planning and advise to follow correct paths Show more. Ss Astro Consultants astrologer - Interprets based on areas of interest and go deep into individual horoscope using special Lagnas viz. See Dasas based on query using different divisional charts. Srinivas astrologer - I offer Vedic astrology consultancy for global and Indian clients.

My services comprises of Predictive astrology and electional astrology, Corporate astrology and Medical Astrology. Padmashri Gems - Vedic Astro Consultants astrologer - Raju Astro Center astrologer - Astrological advice based on Indian Predictive Astrology scientifically. I provide life time graph of raises and falls of the individual for over 80 years of life enabling the customer to plan for success. Besides I also provide auspicious Muhurta times for House warming, Marriages etc.

Compatibility for match fixing for marriages. Hb Astrology astrologer - In depth root cause analysis with successful solutions and remedial measures are provided Show more. Gvm astrologer - Sorry For the Inconvenience. Free of cost Consultancy on every sunday. Our Astrology Services for human help only. Health Problem. You may write us your problem and we will reply within 48 hours.

You can pay later, we believe in Good Deeds. Our Email address: gvmhelp24x7 gmail. I provide your life graph based on Indian predictive astrology along with 21 more pages. Astrologer Pt. Lakshmi Shankar Shukla astrologer - Astrovision astrologer - We publish astrology books and conduct classes.

We read astro charts Show more.

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Vaithianathan astrologer - Jotishi Kalyani astrologer - 6. I am a professional astrologer and gold medalist from Banaras. Astrologer Rajarshi astrologer - 3.

Ashish astrologer - Succesful,result oriented Show more. Om Vaasthu Consultant And Astrologer astrologer - Professional astrologer - Any kind of jyotish work , consultation , compatibility , remedie Show more.

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Sri Jothidam astrologer - Madam Rohine astrologer - 3. Astha Jyotish Kendra astrologer - Shrimoti Monimala astrologer - 0.

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Usha Devi Astrologers astrologer Ballygunge. Pandit Shri Arpan astrologer Ballygunge. Srenvas Rhaju astrologer Ballygunge. Gayatri Astrovision astrologer Ballygunge. Jayanta Shastri astrologer Ballygunge. Ghosh Borthers astrologer Ballygunge. Jayshree Chakraborty astrologer Ballygunge. Asheesh Kashyap Dang astrologer Ballygunge.

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Bobi Saha astrologer Ballygunge. Jogibar Kanubhai Jyotish astrologer Ballygunge. Sabbosachi Banerjee astrologer Ballygunge.