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Seconds out. Another trio of Wands cards this week, Leo you got three Wands cards last week too!

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The Four of Wands is you working hard on this, and others noticing the process and performance and bringing you even more opportunity to do more. This IS the pathway to success. Just getting on and showing them what you can do- ask for forgiveness, not permission!

Now, all of this activity and recognition may lead, as shown by the competitive Seven of Wands, to some jealousy or rivalry around you.

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Others are keen to show what they can do too, others want a slice of the rewards due to you. Now, this is how things get out of proportion. You need to exorcise this anxiety pronto, talk it through in the cold light of day with someone you trust. The Ace of Coins and The Sun are both wonderfully positive cards, preparation for a bright, prosperous and joyful new chapter.

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You stand at the portal to a new world of happiness and success, you just need to push on in order to step through that doorway with confidence, you do deserve this! This is big! We all think of ourselves as centre-stage in some cosmic drama, acting out our life with a spotlight on our actions and scenes.

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Being 'done to' vs being 'the doer'. And this is happening right now, Libra!

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Get out and refocus on your own unfolding narrative which IS a happy one. Invest in this week by being kind, complimentary and helpful to people across the board. Well, the Queen of Coins sweeps in this week and helps to clarify matters.

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A dose of common sense and reality is needed, rather than your spiralling imaginings. She then helps you to make a plan, to focus your efforts and energy on the positive steps to get to where you need to be. And THEN she even gives you a gentle kick up the 'wotsit' to help you get going. Normal service is swiftly resumed. Just what you need! Perhaps you and current 'boo' should book an exciting adventure together, pronto.

All you can do is to look after your side of the street, and let her do her work. People do us wrong.

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The Page of Swords can be tricky and fickle, you might lose your important moral high ground if you start meddling. You may end up becoming the persecutor vs the persecuted. Play nice, play fair, KNOW that this is all going to be resolved favourably for you.

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  • The Devil reminds you that no one is going to live your life for you, or make stuff happen. Libra is the tallest of the three, and the quietest as well. He usually keeps to himself if not talking to Aries, and every once in a while, Leo. The more you use, the more you have.

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    Combine those two and away you go. The synergy of a crystal with an essence goes way beyond what the individual components would achieve. The first time I had Triplite on my desk I wrote words in a morning. Only last month I used the Triplite-Silver Genie combination to write a 55, word crystal book in three weeks. Now, non-writers may not think much to that, but writers will appreciate just how speedy that was. It was as though I plucked the text fully formed out of the ether. I have another writing secret too.

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